Our Model

Wall-to-wall organizing

CLAC organizes all of a company’s employees in all occupations into one bargaining unit under one comprehensive collective agreement. Benefits to wall-to-wall include

  • Streamlined, simplified negotiations
  • Workplace policies that are integrated among trades
  • Simpler payroll administration
  • Multiskilling opportunities
  • Collaborative labour relations
  • No jurisdictional disputes between unions
  • Access to a quality workforce


Workplace-specific collective agreements

CLAC has the flexibility to negotiate employer-specific agreements that are competitive across different markets. Our collective agreements provide the complete array of wages, health and welfare benefits, retirement savings plans, and live-out allowances customary in the industry.


Positive labour relations climate

CLAC representatives and employer representatives meet at the beginning of large projects to develop a pre-job mutual understanding. Throughout the job, regular labour-management meetings help prevent problems from developing and provide a forum to address training, skills development, and safety concerns.


CLAC provides quality representation in the workplace through professional representatives and highly-trained stewards. CLAC stewards work on site and understand the needs of members. Representatives maintain contact with stewards and visit job sites regularly. They are trained in all areas of labour relations.


Support for multiskilling

With CLAC, no artificial barriers prevent our members from performing work for which they are qualified. Multiskilling enhances productivity, worker satisfaction, safety, and overall efficiency for construction projects.


Access to jobs, access to workers

CLAC neither restricts employers in their hiring choices nor our members in their search for work. Employers can post jobs through CLAC’s secure online portal, and employees can upload their resume, tickets, and all relevant credentials in the same portal. Our approach creates loyalty between workers and their employer, allowing for a quick turnaround when labour is needed to get the job done.


Focus on safety



  • Is actively involved with a number of construction safety organizations
  • Provides safety awareness courses for our members
  • Works with our members and employers to ensure that safety remains a priority


Partnership with indigenous peoples

CLAC is an active partner in many indigenous communities, providing health and safety and work-ready training.