CLAC Advantage

CLAC is a modern, progressive union for today’s workforce


For our members and partners we


  • Approach labour relations from a cooperative, partnership perspective, providing labour peace and stability
  • Support managed open sites, which provides maximum flexibility and labour force inclusiveness
  • Do not require travel permits—our members move seamlessly between CLAC locals and provinces
  • Ensure safe work environments for workers
  • Provide extensive in-class, online, and mobile skills and safety training
  • Negotiate custom wall-to-wall collective agreements, which eliminate jurisdictional disputes and provide opportunities for today’s multiskilled, multiticketed workforce
  • Provide access to a trained, skilled, and experienced labour pool for project needs through CLAC Jobs
  • Match skill and need without the imposition of hiring hall restrictions
  • Provide professional representation by trained staff and stewards
  • Build successful community partnership programs with indigenous peoples
  • Provide comprehensive health and welfare benefits plans and retirement savings plans