Earthwork and Road/Bridge Building

Regina Bypass Project, Regina, SK


Project owner: Regina Bypass consortium, Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure

Date: 2016-2018

Total cost: $1.88 billion to construct all three sections and maintain over 34 years


CLAC-represented companies: Technical Workforce Inc. (TWI)


CLAC members at peak: 300


Scope: The City of Regina is receiving a new ring road to ease congestion and improve traffic safety by diverting traffic—particularly truck traffic—around the city rather than through the heart of it. CLAC members employed by TWI—a workforce partner of Graham Construction—were responsible for building the road bed and bridges along one of three sections of this new ring road. That work included building 5 overpasses, 13 bridges, 15 kilometres of new 4-lane highway, and 4.5 kilometres of new service roads. CLAC members worked mainly as equipment operators, labourers, and forepersons on the project.