Earthwork and Road/Bridge Building

Port Mann Highway 1 (Vancouver)


Project owner: Government of British Columbia

Date: February 2009-December 2012

Total cost: $3.3 billion


CLAC-represented companies: Peter Kiewit Infrastructure Co., Flatiron Constructors Canada Limited


CLAC members at peak: 875


Scope: The Port Mann Bridge/Highway 1 Improvement Project (PMH1) is a 37 kilometer infrastructure project that eased congestion along Highway 1, the main corridor between Langley and Burnaby. The project included widening the highway; upgrading interchanges, overpasses, and underpasses; creating new HOV lanes; and constructing a new, 10-lane Port Mann Bridge to replace the aging 5-lane span. Port Mann Bridge is the widest long-span bridge in the world. At 65 metres wide, it eclipses the second place bridge, Australia’s Sydney Harbour Bridge, by 16 metres.


Material used to build the bridge by CLAC members include


  • 45 kilometres of cable, the length of 409 CFL football fields
  • 157,000 cubic metres of concrete, enough to fill 63 Olympic-size swimming pools
  • 25,000 tonnes of asphalt on the deck (30,816 midsize cars)
  • 13,000 tonnes of structural steel (16,025 midsize cars)
  • 28,000 tonnes of rebar (34,514 midsize cars